Finish line entertainment

    Hard to imagine dancing after a marathon but…..You Might!

    This past March, our Race Director was in Orlando at a conference where he was enjoying an ice cold beverage and the warm sun.  He kept hearing great song after great song playing by the pool all with a little “something extra” mixed in to give the music.  That’s when he saw Brandon (aka DJ Flow).  Not only was he entertaining the crowd but he also had an enthusiastic attitude, great smile and even some serious dance moves.  So, we are happy to announce that DJ Flow will be coming straight from Florida to headline our race “after party”.  Even if your legs are a little tired, you’ll feel like you wanna dance!

    Here’s a little more about him in his own words:

    What’s up everybody!!!

    My name is Brandon and it’s an honor to entertain and DJ for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon!

    A little bit about me, I LOVE music, and I LOVE dance even more! the fact that I can combine these two things into a career and support my other passions is a down right blessing.  If I’m not DJ’ing I’m supporting the dance community in Florida, studying Japanese, or gaming! Photography is also one of my favorite passions too <3.

    I’ve had opportunities to DJ and perform for events all across Florida like weddings, car shows, corporate events, pool parties, churches, bars, hotels AND most importantly?? Walt Disney World!!

    My style of DJing? I put the guests and audience first, I’m never afraid to mix opposite genres together, and I’m always thinking of ways to keep everyone engaged besides the music!

    I have so much more to say, But we’ll save the vibes for the Marathon! I’ll see everyone real soon!!

    “You can be the best scratcher on a board but if the audience isn’t engaged? The shows over before you hit play.”