Weather Alert System

    Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

    We want to ensures a safe event for everyone involved with the Lakefront Marathon. Therefore, the race staff will make decisions about race cancellations or modifications based on the safety of all that are involved. This includes the participants, the volunteers, the spectators and the host communities. Specifically, the race staff reserves the right to cancel or modify the race if deemed necessary to protect the participants, the volunteers, the spectators or the host community. These conditions will be recognized as unforeseeable acts. Since the staging of the race results in substantial up-front expenses regardless of whether or not the race is completed, cancellation or modification of the race will not result in the refunding of race entry fees or future race credits.


    • Thunderstorms or lightning
    • Extreme heat and humidity
    • High winds
    • Extreme cold temperature
    • Heavy rain, sleet or snow

    The weather can change during the course of the event. A flag system will be used to communicate weather status. These flags will be placed at the aid stations.


    Alert Level Event Conditions Recommended Action
    Extreme Event cancelled All participation stopped
    Dangerous Non-elite runners stop Non-elites leave the course; no times recorded
    Risky Less than ideal conditions Slow down/proceed cautiously
    Low Risk Good conditions Enjoy the event