July 8, 2020. Noon

An educated announcement regarding the ability to host our 2020 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon will be made on or before July 22nd.

Between now and that date, we will be meeting with various health departments and community leaders affecting our ability to get the necessary permits. While we understand that circumstances can change and any permits received can be revoked at any time, we are seeking preliminary or verbal approvals.

A document of potential/planned revisions to our safety plan is being reviewed by our medical team, permit holders, advocates and planners. We have/will discuss feasibility, assurances and revisions. In the event we are feeling confident of hosting the safest event possible, we need for you to know that there WILL be changes that we have never needed to implement before and will will need for your cooperation. It takes over 900 volunteers to put on this annual event and if we cannot create the best/safest environment for them, we will risk the need to cancel.

It has been very warm in the past week or so and I realize that it is very frustrating for everyone training during this heat. Please know that we are doing everything we can to provide you with a decision as quickly as possible and thank you for your understanding. The decision to cancel this years event would have been very easy for the LFM staff volunteers. We have not done that in an effort to best serve you and allow you to make the decision right for you.

Stay tuned on this webpage for the latest developments on our efforts. We will also post occasional updates on our social media pages and participant emails. It is my sincere appreciation to you for advocating for and selecting Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.

-Scott Stauske, RD