covid notice


June 14, 2021

Let’s make this update as easy as possible.  There are no restrictions that we are aware of that will prevent us from obtaining the necessary permits and our desire to have the excitement and offerings that you have come to expect from the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.  While we may still wish to consider “best practices” we are confident that we will be proceeding with our live event the way we envisioned it would be.  With that said, we encourage you to make sure you have Covid immunity (natural or inoculation) as we will not be requiring anyone to wear a mask.  If you feel it best for your protection you absolutely should feel welcomed to wear your supplied face covering.  Of course anything can happen and we promise to keep you informed of our updates and plans on a monthly basis or as needed.

We are SO excited and cannot wait to welcome you to the 40th “running” of the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, an event we have all been hoping for!