When asked to paint a picture at age 10, most of us would be excited just to have someone guess what the picture is. At age 10, Kinsley Kohls was attracting the attention of accomplished artists and since then has blossomed into an artist that conceptualizes exactly what the finished
product will look like and then sets out to do it. Whether the medium is acrylic, watercolor or chalk, she seems to bring the ideas to life. Her mother, Michelle Nick, also an artist, says Kinsley had signs at an early age that she was going to be something special. Her room is filled with finished products of her gift as well as some works in progress.

The Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon is celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year and that called for a special logo.

In our initial conversation I simply mentioned that I would love to find an artist who could help convey this year’s theme by showing respect to our beginnings in 1981 and looking forward to the future of our great event. Would Kinsley take on a challenge with that little bit of information? According to mom, Kinsley’s eyes lit up and the visualizations started. Several days later I received a photo of the first draft. There was no need for a second draft as the retro colors, gold finish line tape and updated winged shoe logo that the Lakefront Marathon has used for 40 years blended into exactly what was needed. This is when I found out that Kinsley does not use a computer aided design but rather draws it all by hand and then hand-
blends the colors with special markers.

When asked what Kinsley likes to do when she’s not completing a new masterpiece, she mentioned that she loves to be outside. Hiking, kayaking and taking in all the natural wonders that I’m sure give her extra inspiration. This next fall she will be moving to Milwaukee where she will be attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She is so excited to have been selected for admission and to hone her skills further.

We are so excited about our 2021 logo and thrilled that she has also agreed to do a LIVE artist event at our finish line. She will be starting her special commission when the starting gun goes off and working on it as you cross the finish line. Make sure you come check it out because we cannot wait to share her talents with you. Kinsley’s artwork is an important piece to making the 2021 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon our best year yet!