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We think of ourselves as a race that is spectator-friendly. However, it was much easier to accommodate spectators when we had 1,000 runners as opposed to more than twice that now. Therefore, please limit the number of times that you stop to see your runner to no more than three spots and PLEASE do not try to drive along the course taking photos, providing food or drink, etc. We receive more police and resident comments about spectator problems than all other issues combined. What does not seem like a significant issue with one person can turn into a very significant issue with 2,000 or more people. Your (good) behavior can help us ensure the continuation of this great race.



Where can I go? What can I do?

Suggested viewing points and parking information for spectators:


•Grafton High School (start) - Walk down to Cheyenne Dr. to see your runner off!  


•Concordia University (approximately 7.5 miles into the race) - corner of Highland Rd. and Lake Shore Drive. From the START, proceed east on Hwy 60; south on County Road W to Highland Road and follow the directions of law enforcement officials. Parking will be available at the Highland House restaurant. Highland Road will be closed at Port Washington Road.


PLEASE NOTE: because of congestion, spectators MAY NOT park anywhere in the vicinity of the university. When leaving this area please avoid the portion of the route from Highland Road south to Brown Deer Road through Bayside to Bradley Road. This area is very congested and parking is limited or unavailable. This is for our runners’ safety. Spectators must be ready to walk a half mile, or perhaps more, from their vehicle to the race course. 


SUGGESTION: Please pick only one of the next two locations for viewing as they are close together. 


•Wheel and Sprocket, Associated Bank and the Village Pool (approximately 17.5 miles into the race) –– The nice folks with businesses near Green Tree and Lake Drive have given permission for spectators to park in their lot. However, please note that Green Tree IS NOT accessible from Lake Drive during the race. You can get there from Brown Deer Road by going south on Regent Road and then east on Green Tree. Or, you can take I-43 and get off on Good Hope Road, east. Go south on Port Washington Road, and then east on Green Tree. Wheel and Sprocket is on the corner where Green Tree, Santa Monica and Lake Drive come together. You can also park in the nearby lots of Associated Bank and the Village Pool. Please do not stand in the street itself when watching runners on Lake Drive –– violators will be ticketed by police.


•Klode Park (approx 20 mi.) –– via I-43; east on Silver Spring Rd.; north on Lake Drive approximately 6 blocks. Park on residential streets west of Lake Drive.


•FINISH line –– Proceed directly to the finish via Lake Drive and Lincoln Memorial Drive. Note that this area will be congested. Parking is available at Imperial Parking on 875 E. Wisconsin Ave., the U.S. Bank Public Structure on 780 E. Michigan, and O’Donnell Park across from the Milwaukee Art Museum. 


The finish is near the north side of the Milwaukee Art Museum and War Memorial Center.   No parking will be allowed in the War Memorial lot near the finish. If you park here you will only delay yourself. 


To guess when your runner might arrive at a location, it’s easiest to start a timer and follow the race time. If your runner plans to run 8-minute miles, you can expect to see him/her at Concordia approximately one hour into the race, at Klode; approximately 2.5 hours into the run. Otherwise, the marathon begins at 7:30 a.m. –– you can add time to that. Again, the 8-minute-miler will be at Concordia at about 8:30 a.m. and Klode at about 10:00 a.m. For a pace chart, go to www.halhigdon.com/pacing/rightpace-int.htm.


You can also follow your runner on Facebook! We will soon have a link on our web site that will allow your friends and family to download a Facebook app that will allow them to follow your progress on race day.



Where CAN’T I go? What CAN’T I do?

DO NOT LITTER! Don’t drop your coffee cup, bakery bag or other items along the course. 

PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE the race course during the race.


PLEASE DO NOT PARK on the street in any of the municipalities in the first 18 miles (except in the immediate vicinity of Concordia University). It is against their rules and you will be ticketed.


PLEASE DO NOT PARK in the church or synagogue lots at Brown Deer Rd. and Lake Dr. (approximately mile 15). Violators may be ticketed and/or towed.


PLEASE DO NOT try to access parking at Wheel and Sprocket (Fox Point location) and other nearby parking lots from Lake Drive. The intersection will be closed during the race. 


PLEASE DONOTaccompany or follow your runner in any way. Doing so could result in his/her disqualification.


Most of all, PLEASE follow the directions given by volunteers, police and other race officials!!! We know that it may be difficult to see the rhyme or reason for a particular policy, but be assured that there generally is one. If you do have a concern about traffic control, PLEASE follow up with a race official by emailing us at milwaukeelakefrontmarathon@gmail.com after the race and we will address it as best we can. We cannot hold this race without the support of local communities. Please follow their rules and directions.


Additional information for spectators will be in the Race Weekend Bulletin. 





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