Finish Area with Directions


Directions to Runner Parking, Spectator Parking and Finish Area

For all directions via the freeway

Runner Parking:

Take 1-794 toward the Lakefront.

Exit at the Van Buren/Jackson Exit and veer right onto Jackson Street – note that this exit is a left-hand exit.

Proceed two blocks on Jackson Street and you will see the Italian Community Center on your left

Proceed another block to the entrance to the parking lot and follow the directions of the LFM volunteers.  Do not park on the adjacent streets please.

The buses will load on Chicago Street in front of the ICC from 5:15 to 6:15 AM.

If you are traveling on City streets, approach the ICC parking via Jackson Street.  Do not use Harbor Drive as it will delay bus circulation.

Spectator Parking:

Take I-794 to the Milwaukee Lakefront Exit

The Finish Area is north of the Milwaukee Art Museum.  There is NO spectator parking adjacent to the Finish Area.

From the exit proceed one block to Michigan Street.

Turn left (west) on Michigan and park in the O’Donnell Park structure on the NW corner of Michigan Street and Lincoln Memorial Drive.  Parks staff will collect the $8 fee as you enter.

Cross Lincoln Memorial Drive at Michigan Street and proceed toward the lake – turn left (north) and follow the seawall to the Finish Area.

Note that the War Memorial lot on the north side of the War Memorial will NOT be accessible to runners or spectators due to other events.  Also there is no parking in the area off of Lagoon Drive.

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