There are so many maps that you can view on our web site. We have detailed maps of the course under Course Maps. Each map shows six mile segments. There is also a complete map with an elevation chart.

There are two detailed finish area maps. The first shows runners how to get to runner parking early in the morning. (Italian Conference Center) The map also shows where the buses are parked. Then there is a map that shows the finish area layout. 

There is a map of the downtown area with arrows showing how the shuttle buses can take you from the hotels to the expo. This same map shows the bus route from the downtown hotels on Sunday to and from the finish area.

Also take a look at these on-line and/or smartphone maps - these are maps for 2014.

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Milwaukee's Lakefront Marathon
c/o Badgerland Striders
6526 River Parkway
Milwaukee, WI 53213


Club Office:
       Badgerland Striders
       6526 River Parkway
       Milwaukee, WI 53213
       Phone: (414) 476-7223



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