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We know that many of our runners make the race even more meaningful by running to benefit a charity.  We’d like to give all of you running for a charity the opportunity to tell us and your fellow runners about your charity commitment and what it means to you.  Just send an e-mail to and tell us about your charity, provide a link to their website and/or your special fund-raising page, and tell us why this is special to you.  We will post these on this Charity Page.


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In Thailand, I experienced people freely giving everything.  And they are the happiest people I have ever seen.  I began dedicating my life to helping others also be truly happy by sharing this powerful message of giving.  For Christmas I asked everybody to please not give me any “things”.  My brother gave me a shirt with the word “give” on the front.

I tried to get a couple more shirts just like it, and could not find one!  I had to have them made, and it cost less to make 12, so I was going to give some to others.  Suddenly I realized … “Why not have hundreds made so the concept of giving can be promoted by even more people?  And the whole process can be about giving, so I won’t keep any money, and give all of the proceeds to charities!”

Thus, the GIVE shirt movement was born.  When people see the word “give” they think more about giving.  As we give more, we become happier and healthier.  People we give to also begin giving more and feeling better.  Gradually the world is becoming a more giving, and thus a better, happier, healthier place! (414) 350-0124


ALL Proceeds are GIVEN to CHARITIES!


I am running my first marathon for a very special 7 year old girl named Keira. She has a genetic neurological disease called Rett Syndrome. This disease is a random mutation on the X chromosome, so females are primarily affected. The girls who have this disease develop normally for the first 6-18 months of their lives and then start to regress. They lose the ability to speak, are unable to use purposeful hand movements to sign for communication or to feed themselves, have breathing irregularities, seizures, digestive difficulties, and need assistance with almost every daily activity.

A cure for this disease is very possible and I believe a cure will happen sometime in Keira's lifetime. Researchers have found complete disease reversal in mice models and are currently working on clinical trials across the country. This disease is very closely related to ALS, so if there is a cure found in Rett Syndrome, a cure for ALS is also very possible. Think of the thousands of lives that would be impacted with a cure?!

Please watch my video to learn more about Keira,  Rett Syndrome, and how they impacted my life:

Please consider a donation to help Keira and other special girls with Rett Syndrome at:

Thank you,
Nicole Green

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