35th Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon
Registration opened on Jan. 18, 2015. Our limit is 3500 runners.

Sunday, October 4, 2015
Start Time: 7:30 a.m.

Last year, the Marathon filled on April 11, 2014 when we reached our 3100 limit.  Please note that we DO NOT allow for the transfer, sale, or deferral of entries. We know that some runners will register and not be in a position to run the race - we account for that in setting the entry limit.  If we allowed transfers, we would have to reduce the limit - and sell out earlier.

Verify that you are registered
. Note - Since all registrations are online, you should see your name immediately if you click the previous link. If you want to just look at a list, check out the registered runners web page. This list will be updated every couple of days.




There is no pasta dinner in 2015.






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Milwaukee's Lakefront Marathon
c/o Badgerland Striders
6526 River Parkway
Milwaukee, WI 53213


Club Office:
       Badgerland Striders
       6526 River Parkway
       Milwaukee, WI 53213
       Phone: (414) 476-7223



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