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Other ADVANCE Feature Story Ideas for the
2013 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

Local Runner Runs Each Mile in Remembrance of Cancer Victims

Andrea Vorpahl will run each leg of the 2013 Lakefront Marathon with a purpose. During her  26.2 miles journey, she will be running each mile in memory of her friends and family who are affected by cancer.  She will run mile six, for example, for Wallace Vorpahl, her grandfather who died of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1972.

Beyond running to honor  her loved ones, Vorpahl runs to raise money for the Cancer Research Institute, a charity advancing immunology to conquer the disease.  She hopes to raise $2,600, or $100 for each person and mile. 

Running to Celebrate the Gift of Life

Noel Klug-Konkel is a survivor. She survived stage III ovarian cancer last year, and to celebrate one year of being cancer free, she’ll be running the 2013 Lakefront Marathon.

Running to Fight Cancer

Anna Kindade originally signed up for the marathon because of encouragement from her boyfriend. Yet a few months later, this race means so much more. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and had to have a hysterectomy. The first question she asked her doctor after surgery was could she run a marathon in five months. On Sunday, she will toe the line with only 10 weeks of training, to show the world what toughness is all about, all while wearing teal from head to toe!

Couple Runs for Inspiration, Overcoming Chrohn’s Disease

Eric and Jenni Knutson are a running couple. Yet this marathon is about love and commitment. A few years back, Jenni was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, and after several difficult months, she used running as a way to get back to good health.

Eric and Jenni have run nearly every race together the past 18 months, including five half marathons, but never a marathon. Jenni’s goal was to do the 26.2 mile journey with Eric by her side. Jenni is Eric’s inspiration and she’s an inspiration to so many on how she’s pushed herself.

Injuries Won’t Sideline Runners

Jessica Arnett Rush hurt her back and neck at work one year ago. During her recovery, doctors told her she probably would never be able to run more than a 5K or 10K event. This 26.2 mile journey will be about proving others run.

Patty Farnam has a similar story. Last summer, while training for the Lakefront Marathon, Patty ended up with stress fracture in her right foot. She vowed to be back and she is, stronger, healthier and happy as ever, and also breast cancer free. You go ladies!

Overcoming Bad Habits to Become a Marathoner

Jennifer Aultman Kloth admits that through most of her teenage years and into her 20’s, she was overweight, a smoker, and not the healthiest of people. Finally at age 30, she had enough. She joined Weight Watchers on October 31, 2009, and in May of 2010 ran her first 5K. By June 2010, she had reached her weight loss goal - losing 85 pounds!

That summer, she ran five 5K races, then began looking at 10K races, and as she admits, was hooked! Her distance grew to three half marathons, and that left one challenge - the 26.2 mile journey.

She’s been smoke free for five years, and on October 6, will join a new club - the marathon club!

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